What Our Clients Say

We have had the pleasure of working with Susan Kraus, CRNP, for nine years as a psychiatric nurse consultant to our individuals with intellectual disabilities, many of whom have co-occurring disorders. She is always focused on their behavioral stability and their comprehensive medical needs. She is a personable, approachable, and compassionate professional who is prompt for psychiatric medication review appointments, and is interested in her clients’ well being, in addition to their relationships with peers, staff members, and family members. She is a valued team member who encourages the sharing and discussing of information between appointments. She maintains a conservative approach to managing medications, has a calming effect on others, and has always been responsive to addressing issues as they arise. If you or your agency is seeking an exceptionally caring psychiatric professional, I would highly recommend employing Kraus Behavioral Health services on an ongoing basis.

Michael R. Baum, Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Services
Chimes Maryland

I am very pleased with the services you are providing to our participants at Alice Manor Adult Medical Day Care. Prior to us setting up a contract with your company, we were transporting our participants for psychiatric services all over the area. Now that we have in-house services by your company, our nurse is able to meet with you after you have finished your appointments and obtain all of the records so she can update the chart and send all necessary documentation to their homes and pharmacies. The payroll has been reduced as the drivers are not sitting with the participants while they are off site on appointments. Our participants are able to enjoy our activities and not be inconvenienced by leaving the center for hours to sit in a medical office.

You have made it easy for us to have our new participants access your services by forwarding their face sheet and physician orders a few days before your arrival. By having a dedicated day every other week, our nurse and staff know to have the charts and participants ready.

I am happy to refer your company to other medical day programs in the area.

Marianne Athen Meighen
Vice President
Alice Manor Adult Medical Day Care, Inc.

Family Care of Easton has been a member of the Maryland State Medical home project since 2011. We interface with CareFirst, United Health Care, Coventry, and the Medicaid Medical Home of Priority Partners.

During that time, we have [had] Susan Kraus, CRNP-A, CRNP-PMH provide a full array of mental health services in our office several times a month. Our patients have mental health consultation, therapy, and medical management in the convenience of our office – their medical home. Their medical record is available for CRNP Kraus to review with the patient, their visit is documented in their electronic medical record, and any medication interactions or contraindications are able to be addressed immediately.

We have found that the addition of Susan Kraus, CRNPA, CRNP-PMH has been invaluable in providing a full medical home to our patients.

Susan Delean-Botkin, CRNP
Owner and Manager
Family Care of Easton